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Scoundrel Runamuk stealing applesimage of Runamuk Gluten Free Cider 3 cans core range. Scoundrel dry cider, Grifter a medium dry cider and Pedlar, a sweet cider.

We promise that only apples were harmed in the making of this cider, and we're NOT apologising for it!

We don't play by the rules. We're here to disrupt. To craft our kind of cider. The way it should be.
That means, locally grown South West apples crushed, smashed and brewed down the road in Capel.
The way it should be done. But not the way it's usually done.
We're mischief makers.


Apple and Arrow pointing down right
Grifter Thief MaskImage of Grifter Medium Dry Cider by RunAMuk Cider Co. Gluten Free Cider, Vegan friendly Cider
With a split personality, this cider doesn't know if it's sweet or dry. It can go either way, it's for you to decide.
Scoundrel Dry Cider Wolf MaskImage of Scoundrel Dry Cider by RunAMuk Cider Co. Gluten free naturally, vegan friendly Cider
Sharp & strong with ample appleness to kick-start the sour face. If you like a dry cider, then this Scoundrel will win you over.
Image of Pedlar Sweet Cider by Run A Muk Cider Co. Gluten Free Cider, Vegan friendly Cider
The apples are crisp and there's a hint of toffee, but it's not toffee-nosed. Bubbly, sweet and golden.

Runamuk Ciders are Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly,

With No Additives, preservatives or Added Sugars.

Made from 100% real South West Fruit (and bubbles)

Anti Establishment Since 2017

Don't Settle on Ordinary.
Bring on the Harvest Revolution.

Certified 100% Grown in Australia by Cider Australia
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Under the Liquor control Act 1988 it is an offence To sell or supply liquor to a person under the age of 18 years on licensed or regulated premises; or for a person under the age of 18 years to purchase, or attempt to purchase, liquor on licensed or regulated premises.
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