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Anti-Establishment since 2017

...and we are intent on causing mischief and mayhem, to subvert the stuffy reputation of traditional cideries of old and reclaiming cider for all the apples in the orchard. 

Don't Settle on Ordinary! 

We are a family owned and run business situated in Capel (open by appointment).

We only use locally grown apples to produce our all natural ciders. Grown right here in the beautiful South West of Western Australia.

You would be right to think all ciders are made this way, BUT they aren't. A lot of the ciders on the market are made from concentrated juices, added preservatives, sugars and other nasties. Their fining processes may also include milk, egg and gelatine products.

Gluten Free, Vegan and No Preservatives?

You betcha! Gluten is found in some cereal crops, such as wheat and barley, hence why beer's and other beverages can be problematic for those with a gluten sensitivity. Gluten is not naturally produced by apples.

Our process is different to the norm. Our cider making process does not involve using additives such as gelatine, milk or egg, as these processes would not qualify as vegan. And because we use real apples, and not the concentrates, we know exactly what is in our ciders.

We exclusively use local apples from Donnybrook and surrounding areas to craft our ciders. No concentrates are used, so we absolutely 100% can say that our ciders are made with real apples, and we just leave them to ferment and do their thing!

We're all about shaking things up and doing things our way. We don't settle for average ciders made from subpar fruit. We get our hands on the prettiest and the ugliest apples around and give them the love and care they deserve before we mercilessly crush them to bits.

This results in a fresh, crisp taste which is a joy to drink. For those of you with a sweeter palette we also produce a slightly more fruity version using only the apples natural sugar. But hey, don't worry, no apples were harmed in the making of our cider... they just got a little smashed up along the way.

Apple and Arrow

Listen to interview with Barry Green and Paul from Runamuck Cider Co

“Telling the stories of people and places in Western Australia”
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Apple Story

Once upon a time, in the South West of Western Australia, there lived an apple.

This apple didn't grow from the highest branch, nor did the dew radiate from his coat like all the fake waxy apples from accross the way.

He was an outsider, an apple who fell too far from the tree - an apple with a real stem on his shoulder.

One morning, he calmly packed his suitcase and slipped into an apple cart bound for the Big Smoke.

With a rebellious spirit, he set out to subvert the stuffy reputation of traditional cideries and reclaim cider as a drink for everyone, all in the name of shaking things up.

To make his own mark... Free of labels... Harvest a Revolution

Runamuck Cider Harvest Revolution
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